Day to Day

Violently Ill

I thought i was careful about not drinking the tap water, but i guess i was not carful enough. The first night I was here i ran my toothbrush under the water when i finished brushing my teeth. I dried it off and didn’t think much of it until I woke up at 11:30 Tuesday night violently throwing up every 30 minutes. I got a little bit of peace for about 2 hours until it started up again. I felt so exhausted and dead. Being so sick away from home with no one there to love you sucks. My roommate Lexi was so sweet though. She brought me a cold wet towel to wipe my mouth and put on my head before going back to sleep. In spite of her kidneys i was still miserable. I couldn’t even keep medications down. My stomach eventually completely emptied to the point where there was absolutely nothing left, and at 7am the volunteer coordinator, Emily, gave me a phenergan to put a stop to the vomiting and help me get some sleep. I slept the entire day and well into the night. When i woke up the next morning, Lexi had cleaned our bathroom and the only remaining sign of my sickness was some fatigue and soreness.

(i only have one picture of this horrendous day) IMG_5585


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