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Tyler Arrives and I get ripped off

I woke up naturally at around 5am and at 5:15 my traveling companion finally arrived. Tyler went straight to sleep and i decided to go ahead and participate in Michael’s hike again. The clouds were more present and the mountains and sunrise were less visible, but the hike was still refreshing and nice. We were passing the homes and the people n the hike with me started talking about how the police here are not allowed to carry guns or arrest people and yet the culture is still so peaceful. We were trying to come up with conclusions as to why that is and it was honestly amazing just to think about the possibilities. When we got back it was time for breakfast. We had quiche with fruit. The fruit here is amazing. They have an abundance of pineapple, mango, and watermelon here so for every meal we get freshly sliced exotic fruit that is normally at least $10 a slice in America. I helped do the dishes, but it backfired just a little when everyone left to go to the baby home and it took an extra hour to finally finish off all of the dirty plates, pans, and cups. I played with the toddlers again, and i am finally getting their names down. They are all so sweet and lovable.. even the trouble makers of the group have kind hearts and sweet intentions. In the pictures are a few of the toddlers. The upper right baby is named Maria. She is a baby of the Masai village. Her mother and father are both dead and when she was brought to Neema, Dorris said she was the smallest baby she had ever seen. She said she looked like a toy she was so tiny. As you can see from the picture she is very healthy now. Rebecca, Micheal and Dorris’ daughter who live at Neema as the on-site nurse, is currently in the process of adopting Maria. Sharon is pictured below Maria. Im not sure what Sharon’s story is, but she is always smiling and laughing. She needs so much attention and love and it fills my heart to pick her up and see her smile. The last baby is Zuandi. Im not sure of her story either, but she is another sweet soul.

I spent a little time in some of the other rooms as well. The infant room is always such a peaceful precious time, but the babies all went down for their naps and i was no longer needed so i moved on. The babies from the infant room pictured below are Tumi on the left, Ezekiel on the bottom right, and Edith in the middle. Ezekiel is only two months old.


I ventured into the crawler room next. The crawlers are pretty much described by their names. They are all about a year old and are probably the cutest group at Neema.  I have tons of other stories where i will go in detail on the crawlers so for now ill just leave the pictures.

After i left the crawlers for their nap we ate lunch. (i am extremely proud of how visually pleasing this picture of my food is) DSC00206

After lunch, a group of 9 piled into the van to go to town to exchange money. Downtown was insane. There was so much activity and traffic throughout the streets. There was lots of noise and venders with tents outside of different goods. Some sold produce while others sold clothes. Some made souvenirs and others made baskets. On each corner of the street there was at least 20 people trying to make their living. After exchanging money, the driver dropped Tyler and I, as well as a few other volunteers, off at the souvenir market and would be back to pick us up later. The souvenir market was one of the more stressful events of my life. I am not good at haggling at all and having at least 15 people yelling at you all at once in your face and not accepting no for an answer, was extremely overwhelming. I ended up spending way too much on a painting and a shirt, but i just couldn’t help it. I’m here in Tanzania working at an orphanage where the prime reason for the mothers abandoning the babies is because they can’t afford to keep them, and these people at the market are just trying to make a living. Every time i looked at them all i could think was the fact that my money could be the reason they decide to keep a bay instead of abandoning it. So I got ripped off a little but I guess I’m not too upset about it because i was giving back to the community. When we got back to Neema after the market, I was so tired that i went straight to sleep.


One thought on “Tyler Arrives and I get ripped off

  1. The kids are so adorable! You did a good thing, the money wont mean a thing to you tomorrow, but it will mean the world to those people. Good job!


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